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    FurMatic Pet Brush

    FurMatic Pet Brush

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    Push Button Operation Leaves No Chance for Fur to Hang Around.

    The Furmatic push-button operation fully extends the base platform all the way past the bristles to ensure pet hair and fur are easily removable. 95% of the time the fur will just fall off the brush upon pushing the button.

    • Rubberized Grip

      Easy to hold on to, the FurMatic brush is equipped with a rubberized and textured grip to give "brushing time" a much more enjoyable experience for you and your pet.

    • Pet Safe

      Most pet brushes leave exposed metal bristles that can harm your pet. FurMatic bristles have round knobs on the end of each bristle.

    "After stabbing my finger for the LAST time on these metal bristle pet brushes, I was RELIEVED to find a brush that solved the problem! I love this thing."

    -Amanda from North East, Pennsylvania

    Fur Doesn't Stand A Chance

    With a FULLY extendable base - Pet hair and fur is pushed all the way off the brush at the push of a button. Any fur still hanging on is generally taken care of with a quick little shake.

    No More Finger Pokes

    It's happened to us all. It's time to clean our pet brush and as we try to pull the hair off the brush, those metal bristles poke right into your finger!

    Enough is Enough we say!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I don't like it?

    We offer a satisfaction guarantee within 30 days or your money back! Simply email customer support and we will address any issues you may have with prompt response time.

    Is the brush easy to clean?

    Yes! Simple Push the button on the back of the brush and watch as the base pushes all the fur off the bristles!

    Is the handle plastic or rubber?

    The FurMatic comes equipped with a rubberized grip that ensures a hassle free brushing experience.

    Will this hurt my pet?

    FurMatic comes equipped with round knobs on the end of each bristle to help protect your pet from exposed metal bristles found on more hair brushes. Always make sure you're not pressing down too hard when brushing!

    Can I track my order!

    Yes! All Orders will be proved a tracking number as soon as they are shipped! You can even use your tracking number right on our website!