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    The IMPOSSIBLE Brush

    The IMPOSSIBLE Brush

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    The newest product going Viryll - A 4 in 1 multi-brush that grabs pet hair from furniture so easily it seems impossible. A pop out scrub brush, slide-out lint roller, and a built-in squeegee are just icing on the cake.
    • No Wires. No Batteries. Lightweight. Easy to clean.
    • Extendable handle reduces the need to bend over.
    • Pop-Out mini lint brush works great on clothing.
    • Easy to use. Easy to store. Easy on the wallet.

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    Total Height: 17.75in.
    Brush Width: 7in.
    Brush Material: Micro Bristle Flannel


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    Nobody wants to get the vacuum every time.

    And we don't want a subscription to tape rollers.

    GRABS Lint & Pet Hair You Can't Even See!

    The Power Of The Brush. We know how it works, yet it still seems impossible.
    Carpet, couches, recliners, area rugs and even drapes. The Impossible Brush pulls up loose hair and debris you didn't even know was there!

    • Aggressive Micro Bristles

      The bristles used on our brush are directional which grabs and attracts pet hair, lint, and debris from numerous types of surfaces.

    • Bi-Directional Material

      Unlike others, this brush utliizes opposing directional fiber plates allowing our brush to collect hair & debris whether it's pushed, pulled or both!

    • Easy Cleaning

      Simply swipe your finger across or use the pop-out brush to clean after using. You can also pop-off each brush panel for a more thorough cleaning.

    "We have to clean our sofa so often we actually just leave the brush right under the couch!"

    -Amanda S. from Bowling Green, KY


    Leaves furniture with a FRESHLY vacuumed presence without a power cable, a battery, or the short life span of a traditional tape roller.

    Snaps Together In Seconds!

    Line up the handle with the middle extension piece. With a firm press, push until you hear a click. Next, connect the newly extended handle into the main brush with the same method.

    Let the De-Hairing commence!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's the best way to use?

    Some hair or lint may be easier picked up from a different angle, so always brush soiled areas from more than one direction. Check brush periodically during use to make sure it does not need cleaned.

    Is the brush easy to clean?

    Yes! All brushes easily clean off just by sliding your finger across the material and watching any lint or debris come right off! Most lint & debris roll into easily removable strips.

    Are there any tools required?

    No! The IMPOSSIBLE Brush simply clicks together with a firm push from either end.

    Does this work on pet hair?

    This brush works fantastic on cat hair, dog hair, and hair of any kind! Always brush any area from more than one angle for best results.

    Will this work on my clothes?

    Yes! The convenient slide out lint brush is just the right size to take off any extra lint or hair from your shirt, pants, dresses, suits, and coats!

    Can I use this on my couch or chair?

    Absolutely. The IMPOSSIBLE Brush works perfectly on any type of chair or couch that may have a tendency to attract unwanted pent hair or lint.

    Does this work on window screens?

    YES! One of its best features. Screens can be difficult to clean since most of the dirt and soot gets in between the tiny holes in the screen making it too difficult to just "wipe clean".

    The IMPOSSIBLE Brush has fibers that extend out at different angles making it easier to clean out the small hard-to-get openings.